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SSS Wants List

This is a 'Wish List' but also just a refrence list so you can see the type of things I like.
I'd be happy with anything listed here or anything along the same vein of merch so please don't feel limited to this!
When it comes to cute unique designs I don't always stick to my "preferred" pokemon, so if it's cute I'll probably love it.
*I don't mind doubles of functional items*

Also - I do realize that a lot of what I've pictured are from older promos or promos that could become harder to get by the time our assignemnts go out- I don't expect you to go hunting for anything! I'm sure there will be new awesome promos in the next few months :)

One things I don't really like is standard art... things with just the typical clip art for each pokemon w/o any additional flare are not very intresting to me; and also things that are clearly for small kids.

These are new and I adore the cute art ~ I'd like any of these items!

I really love the Rowlet's Garden promo, anything from this promo would be OK by me! I've purchased the draw string bag, washi tape, and badge holder for myself already but I'd love any of these other items (in no particular order) ~ for sigle bird items I favor Pikipek and Fletchling.

I also really like some of the newer substitute stuff:

(banner from the - I like the hoodie, the pins, the hat, and the pass case.

I also really love mugs. I prefer mugs that have non-standard art or something a little quirky about them :)
I have a Fennekin mug and an Eevee mansion mug already.
Here are some examples, I think these are probably hard to find but something along these lines!:

And! as I mentioned I REALLY love Washi tape. Below are some that I found that I don't have:

Here's a pic of all the Pokemon washi tape I already have:

bags and pouches are always welcome!

These would be my only exception to the 'no plush' request... I really love these little bean guys - either Leafeon or Quagisre, awake or sleeping for either would be great! <3

I really like the Pokemon Petit sereis - anything from these would be cool, but again, this promo is a little old.
- I don't dislike any of these pokemon but if i had to narrow it down: Lati@s, Lapras, and Fennekin would be my top picks.

And any other cute misc. stationary itmes are welcome :)

Other non PKMN things I'm a fan of : Tea, Foxes, Rilakkuma, Sumikko gurashi, drawing, painting, crafting, Harry Potter, Star Trek, World of Warcraft, Stamps, Clovers, Teal, Cats, Chocolate!
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Tsum Tsum Tag Check!

So you may have some Tsum Tums that you want to confirm are real!

Sometimes it's hard to tell just by looking at the Tsum if it's fake, especially with the simpler designs. Often with more complicated ones they bootlegs will take "sortcuts" like having glued on felt instead of embrodiery in areas.

The following are the documented tag combos that I've confirmed to be authentic; and ones that I have found to be fake (bootleg).

The following photos can be viewed much larger by going to the sorce image.

I think the best way to spot a counterfit is by it's Tags!

This is an Authentic Japanese hang tag. For the Japanese Tsums they will only have one tush tag, the small "tsum tsum" tag, and the hang tag, which is looped though the small tush tag.

In the US, there are currently two version of the hang tag from Disney Stores and from Disney Theme Parks:

Both versions of these tags can be found on either Disney Store Tsums or Disney Park Tsums.

There are also several variations on tush tags for US Tsums

This one is from the Disney Store, it has three tags, and the Disney logo says "Disney Stores"

This one is also from a Disney Store, the font is a little smaller and there is no tiny "Tsum Tsum" tag.

This one is from Disney Land and has 2 tush tags, the small Tsum Tsum tag and the larger one with the Disney Logo, this Disney logo has the castle and says Disney Parks as opposed to Disney Store.

Tsums from Target have their own tags:

Also important is how the tag is attached:
Tags from the Disney Store and Disney Parks are inserted directly into the plush butt! From target and Japan they are looped though the 'tsum tsum' tag.

Now! How to spot some counterfit tags!

When you compair side by side with a tag you know to be real, it becomes fairly obvious. The counterfit tags are grainyer in the image quality and look more like a scanned image (which they are). The colors are also less rich.

Something else I noticed is that on the Disney Store logo the fake one is missing the really tiny stars. It's hard to see in the picture but next to Store, on the real one there are severl more small starts than the fake one.

Another dead give away is a missmatch of tag types. This one came with a Japanese hang tag, but also had the US tush tags. I admit that the tush tags are almost indisinguisahble from the real thing. Dem booties are pretty good!

If you find any other tell tale signs of counterfits or a diffrent confirmed authentic tag combo! let me know and I can add it if you provide photos!
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Wants List - SSS

Making a list of some wants to maybe make it easier on my swap partner :)
I don't nomrally keep a running wants list of anything other than quagsire, so don't feel limited to this! I won't be upset if it's not specifically on here.
When it comes to cute unique designs I don't always stick to my "preferred" pokemon, so if it's cute I'm probably in love w/it ha!
*I don't mind doubles of functional itmes, I don't really want doubles of quagsire itmes <3*

1) Anything Quagsire I don't have, or any customs of quagsire! :
I did a quick littel update to my collection page, some of it is kinda broken, but the quagsires wants list is updated if you mind the strike outs.

2) Anything from the goomy promo, its just too cute!! I am in love that kind of functional stuff. Not so much the plushies, but any of the functional items; cup, pouches, pencils, pens, office supplies... Etc!

3) Bags or clearfiles featruing Fennekin/Braixen

4) Lapras Petit items

5) Anything from the Love is Demo promo (other than the zip pouch, i have that)

5) PitaPoke: Leafeon, Tympol, Vaporeon

6) I don't normally buy plush but I've been close to buying these 3 quite a few times.

7) +pokebox+ year of the sheep charms or any of the related itmes ~
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Cosplay - Witch Doctor Blizzcon 2014

So I want to make a post eventually to a craft site or something about how this cosplay I'm working on for my BF goes. So to keep track I'm going to be writing this entry to eventually copy over. I'll be editing and adding along the way.

I have till November 7th to finish this ... which as cosplay goes is not a long time! so I'll be working on it a lot.

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And here is a little list of things that you may or may not already know, but are things I've learned since XY came out that I didn't know. (and no i didn't breed a lot in B/W so i missed some stuff clearly)
7 Things I’ve learned about X Y breeding that I did not know before.
1) Male or Female can hold an everstone to make Nature inheritance 100%.
2) Male or Female can hold a Destiny Knot to up the passing of IV’s from 3 to 5 (Balla!)
3) Male or Female can pass eggs moves! (This means you can have up to 4!)
4) When in the day-care, if you deposited your breeder with egg moves, it will continue to pass those egg moves onto all the babies even if it levels up to the point where all the moves have been overwritten! This effect ends once you remove the mon from the daycare.
5) If you egg moves were overwritten the move re-learner can get them back! (Must have had the move at some point).
6) When the daycare guy turns around, he has an egg ready for you.
7) Only Female mon can pass on their Ball Type. Genderless mon will not pass on their ball type and all babies will be in normal pokeballs, thus breeding a male with a ditto will always get you a normal pokeball, but a female with a ditto will still pass her ball.
Love it!

ok guys...

so i know i QQed about not finding any shinies I wanted... I spent like 5-6 hours on Friday trying to find something in the friend safari to no avail, and I had been breeding with out MM because I didn't have good foreign parents, and to me I'd rather have an IVed poke then a shiny one, but a shiny IVed is rocken..... but I'd hatched like 1.5k eggs and no shiny.

Then godudette told me that a female with a ditto WILL pass down its poke ball so I got excited because someone gave me a Japanese 6IV ditto... I popped him in the daycare and started hatching.

I hatched about 100 Froakie, and nothing.

So I swtiched to Tympole but was hesitant because I knew I'd be sad if it didn't have Water Absorb, so I started hatching, and I pulled him out after about 80 or so eggs to breed something else so I did the pick up the last egg and pulled out the parents and changed to coragunk.

.... that last egg I picked up hatched.... and this is what came out!
shiny tympole

OMG ITS BEAUTIFUL I really like Siesmatoad like a lot. And his shiny version is just SO cool. A lot of times I don't really like the shiny variant more than the normal, but this guy... the orange. I love it.

And HE HAS THE RIGHT IVS!!!! 31/31/31/31/31/x He's Quiet, AND>>>. WATER ABSORB fucking perfect.

I did... make a mistake. I forgot to re-learn the egg move on my parent pokemon :( so it doesn't have Earth Power... but I'll just have to let that go XD

I went and EV trained him after.... but then.... left the game open and the battery died :| so i lost all the super training, but I had saved after he hatched so its ok.

Anyway, I continued to hatch coragunks thinking there was no way I'd get another anytime soon but was worth trying anyway.
and in the 300 egg range.... this happened:
shiny toxicroak

Guys. DRY SKIN!!! His IV spread was missing speed but its ok because its Jolly and it will be super fast anyway! Ohhhh

I'm so happy now. These two are literally like my favorite shines. I love the colors and they fit on my team.

Apparently I like Frog pokemon and wasn't really even aware. HA!

Im so done with friend safari hunting, MM hatching is the only way to go.

I'm trying for a Lapras now, but I may try for a Poliwag! FROGS

*happy happy*

ok excuse me while i cry.

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So I started a trade thread on Nugget Bridge, and I already got more requests than I thought I would, I kinda just expected no one to respond XD I guess thats good.

I'm at a point where I'm not super sure what Im wanting to do in game, but I still am intrested in playing. Im bouncing back and forth between breeding, training, and trying to catch pokemon. I've been very unlucky in the shiny department, but I guess considering how lucky *SOME!* people are (lol you know who you are) someone has to bring down the average XD thats me!

Right now I am going though Soul Silver and trying to get some females in pretty Apricorn balls to trade over and breed. I think its a neat mechanic, too bad its such a pain in the ass, especially now that I have very few pokemon actually left on my SS game.

Also, realizing that I lost quite a few of my personal legendaires when Mikes game crashed a few years ago :( Like my Lugia.... I can maybe try and trade for one... I don't know if I am motivated enough to re-set the game and play though just to catch another. We shall see. maybe it will be one of the last things I do.

Also missing Deoxis which I know was in mikes game, and some how I was retarded and never actually went to TRU to get Melotia even though I know i talked about it like 10 times with mike. /sigh. My Latios is also missing which will be a pain to get if i want to re-start Ruby/Sappire. Maybe I'll make it a project. I mean it really only takes like 2 days to play thought he story lines. Its just going back to the old graphics is kinda hard.

I'm thinking of getting at least one per Apricorn ball

I've only got two so far:
Quagsire in a Heavy Ball
Larvatar in a Friend ball

What I'd like:
Wevile in a Moon ball (can't get Eevee in the wild in this game boo)
Abra in a Level Ball

Not sure what to get for :
Lure Ball
Fast Ball

If you have any request please let me know! Remember they have to be pokemon obtainable in the wild in Soul Silver. Also have to have a gender.

As for Pokemans, I'm getting quite a few with 5IV's at this point! Its easy once you start bridging egg groups.

2qdolk7.png133.pngEevee | Modest / Bold | Run Away | 31-X-31-31-31-31

2qdolk7.png690.pngSkrelp | Modest | Poison Point | 31-X-31-31-31-31

2qdolk7.png131.pngLapras | Modest | Water Absorb | 31-X-31-31-31-31

2qdolk7.png060.pngPoliwag | Calm | Swift Swim | 31-X-31-31-31-31

r0c8e1.png453.pngCroagunk | Jolly | Dry Skin | 31-31-31-X-31-31

r0c8e1.png656.pngFroakie | Modest | Protean (HA) | 31-X-31-31-31-31

1077te0.png592.pngFrillish | Modest | Water Absorb | 31-X-31-31-31-31

1077te0.png535.pngTympole | Brave / Quiet | Water Absorb (HA) | 31-31-31-31-31-X

            Egg move: Earth Power

ultraball.png694.pngHelioptile | Timid | Dry Skin | 31-X-31-31-31-31

ultraball.png451.pngSkorupi | Adamant | Battle Armor | 31-31-31-X-31-31

1077te0.png390.pngChimchar | Jolly | Blaze | 31-31-31-X-31-31

netball.png290.pngNincada | Adamant | Compound Eyes | 31-31-31-X-31-31

1077te0.png710.pngPumpkaboo | Adamant | Frisk / Pickup | 31-31-31-X-31-31

also traded for Ralts, Larvesta, Cottonee, and Charmander. so gotta get a good breeding pair for those.

its REALLY annoying that anything bread with a Ditto results in a normal Pokeball. I really like the inherited poke ball feature and I want all of mine to be in cool ones but its so frustrating when you want Hidden Abilities or they are transfer only.

I want to hatch a shiny with good IV's come on RNG favor me just for a second.



So the pokemon GTS is crashing every time I try and trade....

I really want a Ditto from another region other than the US. (MM breeding)
anyone want to trade? I have a ditto or I can get you just about any pokemon in game. X or Y.

help a girl out. I want a shiny Skrelp yo!

Masuda Method and Everstone